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The greatest value of your company is its reputation. Do not let it be exposed to fraud and reputational risk by partnering with the wrong people by selecting a local sales  agent / commercial distributor that was not properly vetted by a third party. Adhere to U.S. and European policies requiring independent background checks on your trading partners, local agents and suppliers. In order to determine the reputation and the ability of a sales agent to properly promote your brand and create purchasing preference, it may be necessary to consult with individual sources from industry, interview some of their current U.S. clients, local government officials, “in country” law firms, corporate legal reviews, media, etc. To this end Control Logistico Consulting Group works with MultiLatin Solutions. MultiLatin has such in country resources and databases to complement our background screening procedures to ensure you select a prestigious local agent and a robust channel partner on each country. Selection of a prestigious and influential local agent is the most important part of successfully penetrating the Latin-American markets, and for companies that have never operated in the region, the process can be very costly, it can take a long time to ensure the selected agent is the right fit, and the overall risk to the organization could be very high. This is especially true when you select or associate your company name with an agent /or a  commercial distributor that is under investigation for money laundering or detested by the current administration in Brazil. How could you know that in advance? Who’s your source of information? Who’s in charge of the vetting and legal background check process? The same agent you already selected a few minutes after sharing a cup of coffee in Paris? With Control Logistico Consulting Group, we can dramatically reduce the overall cost, time, and eliminate the risk associated with the identification, vetting and selection of your local agents in Latin America. No guessing games. Just facts.
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