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CONTROL LOGISTICO is a duly registered consulting firm with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and has the capacity to recommend prestigious, experienced, and very well-connected brokers for your organization in every single country in Central and South America.

Our firm specializes in supporting the design of a robust sales strategy to penetrate new markets under a “data oriented” mentality by using a systemic and smart approach. No more “shooting from the hip” mentality doomed by the absence of professional planning or acting without careful consideration of one’s actions or budgets, but instead a winning and well-designed strategic business approach properly supported by carefully designed business development plans, market penetration strategies and detailed capture plans. Remember, your customers can’t buy your products if they don’t even know your company exists.

We help our U.S. and European customers by finding and selecting the right Channel Partner — on each country – that is fully capable of selling defense products in the areas of; Individual tactical equipment, combat gear, aerospace services and products, combat vehicles, C4ISR information and technology systems, basic and advanced training and simulation services to include areas of live, virtual and constructive tactical training for air, sea, land and LE government clients.

However, none of this is relevant if your company decides to operate in a country like Colombia, Brazil or Mexico and refuses to comply with local government contracting laws and register your company as a duly authorized supplier, hence failing to receive your MoD vendor code. The absence of an updated foreign supplier permit prevents your company from participating in any military contracting program and carries severe fines in Europe and the United States for defense companies that operate overseas without updated licenses or permits.

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