With over 14 years of continuous operations in more than 15 countries in Central and South America CONTROL LOGISTICO has developed Market Intelligence (MI) services that are unrivaled. Our market intelligence comes from open source Latin American government channels that are directly connected to the military program managers requesting technical information on a specific type of weapon system or product. Since most of this information is already posted on the Ministry of Defense website, we are able to quickly analyze, translate and then pass this data in a timely manner to our clients. By reducing the overall cost associated with the expansion into a new and unknown market, we reduce the amount of time before your organization identify profitable business opportunities and starts to see their return on investment. We achieve this objective by dramatically transforming the overall market entry risk of your company… to zero.

If your goal is to enter the defense and security markets of any country in Latin America our Market Intelligence services enable your company to better understand the position of your current competitors, the network of decision makers inside the Ministry of Defense and the factors that affect acquisition decisions, the import and export regulations and policies that play a factor on your products and services, and even the price-to-win that will set your organization on a path to commercial victory. CONTROL LOGISTICO will guide your organization through the traditional obstacles to ensure you are successful in Latin America in months…and not in years.

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