Why now?

Over the past several years, U.S. based defense manufacturers have suffered from deep cuts in overall military spending. With already scheduled budget reductions for FY-2015 of over $50 Billion from the Pentagon’s budgets, many U.S. defense / tactical training companies are looking for different ways to reposition themselves in the defense market. As a result its probably a good idea to learn how to manage this new environment and this new market reality. Bottom line? The U.S. Department of Defense should not be your ONLY client on planet earth… Opening new international markets (at low cost and without risk) sound like a smart option.

Many of the defense companies are looking at international markets, such as the defense markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The problem with these markets is that they are already saturated with many of the big international defense contractors that have been conducting business in those countries for 20+ years. They run the place…you don’t.

However, the Latin American defense market continues to grow at a rapid rate and best of all, only a small number of U.S. defense companies have actually penetrated the Armed Forces of Central and South America. With few competing U.S. companies working against you, now is the time to expand your business development efforts into Central and South America and Control Logistico has the expertise, past performance and the specific commercial knowledge to assist your organization to identify your target markets, “hit the ground running” and be your trusted partner in the region.


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