Latin America Markets

With declining domestic U.S. defense budgets and increased competition, the smart money is on U.S. defense firms who are diversifying internationally into new emerging / less crowded markets. One of those markets is Latin-America.


The Latin American military and law enforcement market is a region of the world where there is a need for your products. Unfortunately, most U.S. defense firms don’t have a clear strategy to sell their products in Latin America and very few of them have a well trained and experienced business development team capable to create purchasing preference for their equipment and services. (i.e; Can you tailor your offer to the specific tactical requirements of the Colombian Army Special Operations Command?) As a result, it is critical for U.S. defense firms to truly understand the markets in which they want to operate — with a “robust” cultural understanding of the end user — and how well your products will be accepted.

Attempting to penetrate foreign markets without a full understanding of your client’s needs, purchasing preferences and available budgets can lead to an increase in risk, frustration, and to the expenditure of unnecessary funds. Understanding military markets and customers is the bedrock on which business planning and strategy is built. Without knowing your customer’s needs, wants and forecasted demand, your business will be under constant threat from competitors and may be failing to extract the maximum value from your market. Then, and to avoid surprises…you should probably use Market Intelligence services provided by a team of advisors capable of delivering consulting services that will improve your probability to win contracts .
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