Business Development

CONTROL LOGISTICO operates as your external Business Development division (short term contractors) targeting specific markets and contract opportunities with a laser focus work style in Latin America. Our team of business development professionals are not only bi-lingual, but also bi-cultural. We not only understand the political situation and the different cultures in the countries throughout Latin America, but we also understand the Latin American Armed Forces and the differences compared to the United States. We are extremely familiar with their acquisition cycles, the programs that take priority due to the political situation on the ground, and even details concerning key decision makers and influencers involved in the programs. These are all aspects that affect acquisition decisions, and Control Logistico will be guiding you along every step of the way. Finally, we are not a team of “desk advisors” completely unfamiliar with your products. Our staff has on average 10+ years of military combat experience in contemporary field environments around the world and – as former officers and Senior NCO’s — we fully understand not only the U.S. defense industry but also the employment of modern weapon systems in combat. From air, sea, and land, we have business professionals with the experience needed to promote your brand and increase sales in the region. Question: Your organization already has agents and representatives across Latin America, but you are not seeing your return on investment? No problem. CONTROL LOGISTICO can help you develop and implement a system that creates results, work side-by-side with your Business Development Manager for International Sales and ensure we create a winning team. CONTROL LOGISTICO not only trains the local agents in Latin America, but we also coach your own international sales force to quickly optimize performance and close contracts.
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